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  Joint Venture Service

Joint ventures are becoming a common and well-accepted method of expansion into new markets and sectors. Joint ventures are the structure of choice when neither party is ready to sell a business but there exists a very strong economic and/or strategic rationale for joining forces.

Joint ventures are among the most complex transactions due to the very delicate nature of aligning the interests of two parties that are often competitors. Furthermore, structuring the economic relationship between involved parties is complex, as each party is typically responsible for certain tasks and needs to be economically-motivated to perform them.

Our team at Asian Vietnam Capital has substantial experience in structuring Joint Ventures transactions and navigating this delicate and complex process. We help our clients bring the concepts and ideas of their Joint Venture into economic reality in a financial and legal structure that best addresses both parties interests and concerns.

Our role in the process is to help our clients analyze the economic implications of the Joint Ventures, work out all possible scenarios and put together the financial framework and legal agreements to support the Joint Ventures.