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Supply Chain Management 

Asian Vietnam Capital provides advice and assistance to western companies who are interested in establishing or expanding manufacturing, supply chain management and distribution in Vietnam.

Asian Vietnam Capital professionals have successfully developed cross border partnerships on behalf of major international manufacturing interests, established partnership-alliance activities in outsourcing, product innovation and development, joint ventures, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and the establishment of new supply and distribution relationships. 

Utilising best practice procedures, processes and tools, we add value to our customers by reducing cost and improving service through performance.

Asian Vietnam Capital achieves this through our commitment to:

  • Strategic thinking: Establishing a culture of challenging convention, leading to real innovations that benefit our customers.
  • Relationship management: Listening to our customers’ needs and building appropriate relationships with the supply chain to improve quality, customer service and cost effectiveness.
  • Developing and understanding: By understanding what drives supply markets and supplier performance, we engage suppliers in the most appropriate way.
  • Cost management: Through leading edge cost strategies, automation where possible, aligned with robust auditing and value benchmarking, we provide cost certainty and demonstrable best value.
  • Risk management: By understanding variables and analysing probability, we enable customers to manage risk in an effective and cost-efficient way.